Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New personal projects


Matthew Scheuerman said...

Both of these made my jaw drop. I really like what you do with atmospheric perspective. These are just plain awesome.

Jeremy Deveraturda said...

First one is beautiful, I like the tree-drapery effect you've painted. The second one reminds me of a futuristic Wizard of Oz. Really nice job.

jpforjohnpark said...


looking forwards to seeing more!



Brian Yam said...

Wow, these are more jaw dropping each time! Great stuff!

Brian Huang [Concept Artist] said...

cool man! love your new work--

Gavin said...

Hi Justin,

The first one is lit up really nicely :) It's definitely one of my favourites alongside the Gas station you posted a little bit before. Amazing!!! I can't wait to see more Justin!